Friday, July 9, 2010

My JBC Pistol's Add-on

Just last May, Mang Gilbert of the JBC shop called me to have my Pistol's "add-on" installed. The "add-on" is a folding stock attachment so that I can use my pistol as a hunting rifle.

Mang Gilbert took an overtime to finish it for me.


The parts were prepared for fitting;


And when it was finished, here it is,


Folded view,


A closer look,


Here's how it looked before,


Isn't it beautiful!!! 

Enjoy Guys!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

My JBC Pistol

It's been a long time since I posted here...been busy with my work due to typhoon Ondoy, had to supervise a lot of repairs in our plant and since its gun ban period now...can't shoot my airguns so, I'll shoot here at my keyboard..

My latest airgun is a JBC pistol with a medium 8"-T6 aluminum tank(1.5" ID). I acquired it last December 2009 after some months of waiting due to a long line of orders from the JBC shop. The barrel I ask JBC to install was from an old Gamo break barrel a neighbor sold to me a long time ago, its in 0.177 caliber and is made of steel.

I topped it with a 30mm BSA multi-reticle pistol sight I bought last Gunshow from Final Option.


During my first try in a competition last January 3, 2010, I was listed with the AAA class as I am a newbie(rules) in the pistol category. I accidentally won 3rd place in that competition, luckily disturbing the peace they have in the AAA class..he-he...wish I could maintain it later...


Its shooting more than 50 shots of JSB exact heavies at more than 700 fps... More than enough for a 40-shot MS Competition pistol category... accuracy??-its with the Gamo barrel...weight? heavy for single hand stance but just enough for a 2-hand position...

The grip is made of a local Philippine hardwood "kamagong" fitting perfectly in my hand..

Joseph installed a muzzle break at the barrel tip to stabilize it a little bit...

Overall impression? Its a perfect pcp pistol for me....

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Airgunners All - Airgunners from all over the Phillipines

When we started to revive this hobby at our free time at the plant, we have no knowledge that there were groups out there enjoying airgunning for a long time.

Romi brought his first JBC airgun, now owned by Oliver and with his Amrscor too, I brought my old Armscor and Amado joined us with his Armscor too and he introduced us to the Philippine Airgunning group in Yahoo.

We learned a lot from the yahoo group(thanks to Brod Gino Castandiello a.k.a. "Heightaddict" from Bacolod City) and from the net where we found a lot of airgunners all over the world too.

I was assigned for a while in Cebu and I learned that there's a co-employee of ours whose into airgunning also. I approached Loloy Zamoras and he brought me to know the Cebu Air Rifle Association(CARA). I had my baptism to the airgun competition world not in Luzon but in Cebu. I was brought by Loloy to a competition in Minglanilla where CARA has a range. I met a lot of CARA members there like Mang Boy Alcoseba, Rogey Sy, Rod Nacorda and the kind old guy Mang Domeng Francisco. I saw a lot of CO2 airguns made in Cebu at the range and was even convinced to order one without considering how will I bring it home to Luzon. I ordered a Tugaon competition design sidelever CO2 airgun. The first shot in Minglanilla was followed by a shoot in Mandaue where I won a trophy in the 10 meter paper category, 3rd place on the beginner level..he-he..not bad for a newbie.

Back in Luzon, I had my first taste of airgun competition shooting at the First Armscor Airgun Metallic Silhouete competiton. I met a lot of airgunning groups there. There were groups from Laguna known as the Laguna Air Gun Shooters Association(LAGSA) then led by Mang Jun Bona now Papa Art Valentin. The JBC Team was also there from Bulacan also known as the Bulacan Shooters Association(BSA) led by Mang Jun Lacanlale, the owner of JBC airguns of Valenzuela. Noli de Leon of Filarms was there also, just starting Filarms then and Joel Gatchalian who used to work with Noli in designing the first Filarms air rifles was there also. The group of Mang Mario Muli(maker of the Muli Nimrod Airguns) from Pasig was also there, and some members from the Wild Wings of Arayat, Pampanga. Richard Fernandez was there of Las Pinas with the old but trusty Mang Kit Ello. There were lots of registrants and when the rain fell, some airgunners were not able to shoot as it's late already...Met the family of Mang Boni Borces there, the whole family is shooting airguns except for the wife who's aslo there as moral support to the team, they belong to the LAGSA group. There were also some guys from Nueva Ecija I met there.

The next shoot, I was able to convince Romi and Oliver to come along. It was held in Baliwag, Bulacan sponsored by the BSA group of Mang Jun Lacanlale. Mang Gilbert was there, Mang Mario Muli of PAsig whose airgun leaked during the competition..he-he.. better luck next time Mang Mario. Romi won his first trophy there in BR65, the first bench rest shoot done that we joined. He's still holding hi record of 38/40 points in that category.

Our addiction to airgunning was followed by acquisition of new airguns and by joining these competitions. There were lots of airgun competitions that we joined, some in Pampanga, in San Fernando, in Angeles and at the Clark Airbase. Lots of airgnners were there mostly from within Luzon area only.

In the Visayas, they were holding their competitions there almost every month. In Cebu with the CARA and in Dumaguete, Ilo-ilo and in Bacolod. The yahoo group has been our meeting place although at the net, we can exchange experiences there and share our knowledge with each other. Although there are some bullies in any group, the Philippine Airgunning Society has increased in numbers and became alive again. This was shown with the recently concluded PNSA shoot last May 10, 2009.(I won in Benchrest 25 there, he-he 3rd place nga lang). There was a small group from Bicol there during the PNSA competition.

I'm not sure if I missed some groups but everyone is free to add to this blog. Have a nice day folks, nothing to do due to heavy rains, just tuned my JBC bolt for the upcoming Bulacan shoot, hope it will materialize this coming sunday, June 14.

As Heightaddict always say " Airgunning Rocks!"

Shoot safe.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The 3rd PNSA 2009 Airgun Competition

Last May 10, 2009 is a mother's day celebrated around the world. On the same day, the 1st Mayor Leyble's Pistol Shooting Competition was held here in Langhaya Range in Antipolo City. Simultaneous with the Antipolo pistol shoot was the 3rd PNSA Airgun Metallic Silhouete Competition held at the Philippine Marine Headquarters' PNSA Shooting Range.

There were several categories namely the Metallic Sillhouete Air rifle scoped, MS Air Rifle Iron sights, MS Pistol Scope, MS Pistol Iron sights and the Bench Rest shooting BR 25 meters competition were paper targets were placed 25 meters away from the shooter. 177 and 22 shooters were seperated in this BR25-meter shoot.

The MS competitors were divided into Masters, AAA, AA, A and B levels while the BR25 was shot with 2 categories or groups only, the 177 and the 22 calibers.

Oliver Nieva and I arrived there at around 8 in the morninng. Some familiar faces were already there when we arrived like Richard Fernandez, Mang Kit Ello, Atty. Lawrence Bagwan, Dayno Dinopol, Stephen "Rowell" Santiago, Tads Tadeo of Angeles Airgunners Association and some guys and friends from LAGSA, the Laguna Air Gun Shooters Association. I saw Mang Boni Borces and his 2 shooter daughets, Ana  Marie and Jan Therese there with the rest of the LAGSA Team.

There were several sponsors also already at the 50-meter range of PNSA like the local JSB pellets  distributor Anthony Herrera and his team. The Citybank guys, the PLDT SME, Jollibee, Bio-essence, Pearl of the Orient Boracay and many more...

The MS targets were already set at their respective stands, 20, 30, 36 and 45 yards away for the rifle shooters and 10, 12.5, 15 and 18 yards for the pistol shooters for the chicken, boar, turkey and ram metallic sillhouetes.

I saw a zeroing bay at the right of the range where Atty. Lawbag is zeroing his air rifles. A guy from Naga(Bicol region, didn't got his name) was there zeroing his rig. Dayno joined them to zero is JBC airgun also.

We learned from Richard that the shoot will start at 9:00am and had to register already. I was assigned as shooter number 023. The airguns had to pass the safety check and they weigh them to check and register the weights. There a 12 lbs limit for the BR25 where point may either be deducted or subtracted in percentages, e.g 1 lbs overweight will have a deduction of 1% on his score score to get his final score.

Below are some of the pictures I took.

There were some short speeches and later on the competition was declared open.

We were the first shooters to shoot the MS Air rifle category, I was assigned at bay no. 9, on my left was Oliver Nieva, beside me is Dayno at Bay no. 10 and on his right was a Dentist from LAGSA(forgot his name) at Bay no. 11, and Ana Marie Borces at the ram in bay no.12. 

I got bronze in the BR25 177 category, Oliver got silver in MS Level B and the rest is history.

Enjoy the the pictures guys and gals...

Monday, April 13, 2009

My 0.22 JBC Bolt Action PCP Airgun

My 0.22 JBC Bolt Action Airgun(22JBCBA) is my fifth PCP airgun but I already sold my first 0.22 Folding Stock Hammer-Type JBC airgun, so I only have 4 PCP airguns with me now. 2 JBC Hammer type(both fullstock), 1-0.22 Armscor PCP and this 0.22 JBC Bolt.

This 22JBCBA arrived initially with a T. Alonso brass barrel as I need to use my HW barrel I intended to put in it in my JBC Hammer Type(JBCHT) airgun in a competition. After the competition, I had the HW barrel fitted into it.


I tuned it to shoot at around 870 fps using 18 grains Superzero pellets. It is powered with a medium T6 tank 14" long anodized black. Its hammer spring is around 2 1/2" long using the spring usually being installed at the JBC shop. It has a quick fill port at the tip of the tank and a Black Boblong Gauge fitted on a T3 offset to reduce weight. The 0.22 HW Barrel is now around 20" long more or less. I am using it with my old 0.22 silencer which I already filed to avoid being hit by a pellet before.

It can shoot a group of around 1" at 40 yards but I think with practice I can still improve its performance. Brian Sto. Domingo can shoot 1" groups with his JBC Bolt action. In my opinion, I need to replace my old silencer to reduce the group size as its center hole is already not round  and practice more..he-he...

At average of 870 fps, I can shot around 40 shots with it. Maybe for hunting, it can be lowered to around 780-800 fps to maximize the number of shots(there's a power adjustment screw at the back of the hammer behind the bolt.) My stock is too heavy for hunting as it is originally designed for competition shooting with a fullstock made of ordinary wood, not kamagong. It is stained dark walnut at the JBC shop and still with that original color. I installed a sling stud on its forearm for me to be able to use my Harris Bipod during Benchrest plinking at the plant.

I fill it to around 200 bar(2900 psi) and use it down to around 2000 psi. I use my manual pump to fill it(no more budget for CF

I almost forgot, I had it installed with a shotgun slip on recoil pad(Butler Creek) and it was glued at the JBC shop. The slip on sleeve was cut.

JBC Bolt

I topped it initially with my 5-15x40AO Mildot Bushnell Legend but now with my 6-24 x 40 AO Mildot Bushnell Banner(not in photo) on double strap BKL mounts.(Total investment??, call the JBC shop..he-he, secret...)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Hiking with Kabayan

At last, I was able to taste a hiking with my Kabayan Oscar "Jon-jon" Lopez, Jr. in our hometown, San Antonio.

We went out a little bit late in the morning, Jon-jon texted me at around 5am asking if I would like to go hiking. (My Pareng Imon Garcia and I were supposed to hike near our relatives "tumana" that day if the walk with Jon-jon will not push through).

So we went to Jon-jon's place after a quick breakfast, Pareng Imon came along as I asked him to use my 0.177 JBC hammer type "Swiss Army Airgun". I took my heavy competition model 0.22 JBC Bolt Action airgun with me. Packed some sinangag my mother already prepared for breakfast and took 2 cans of "Karninas"(canned sardines), a pack of suman, a gallon of water and off we go...

Met a cousin of Jon-jon at their gates "Manalo?"(sori Bro forgetful of names) and he accompanied me to Jon-jon's house in Santo Cristo as Pareng Imon waits in the car. A short cordial introductions, met Jon-jon and his father, Mang Oscar Sr., they were not ready yet, so I asked Pareng Imon to join us, and with some "adobong bato-bato" cooked by Mang Oca,  the ice was broken.

Mang Oca showed us some of his collections of doves and saw one which is whitish in color for the first time.

We went out after they ate their quick breakfast and off we go to Bagong Sikat, near Luyos which is just after Santo Cristo, the barrio where Jon-jon lives.

Parked my trusted white crosswind at the dike with a larger roadway and off we went hiking, Mang Oca and Jon-jon showed us the place. Mang Oca positioned me in his former "kura-kura", natural blinds made of "talahib" grass shaped to hide a hiker in, noticed some feathers inside also. Pareng Imon was positioned earlier near the entrance with the sun at our backs. There's a water enclosure used to be a fish pond starting to dry. They said this is where the "bato-bato" and other quarries drink usually around 10am.

Posted myself inside the hide, waiting....looking and a little bit excited. Took some pictures from inside and here they are below.

Inside the hide, shot my fist one here in the middle,

I missed 2 times on this side..."sayang"..

Missed one also here, poor shot he-he...

After 2 misses and 2 hits, its already lunch time, nothing is landing in the area, its quite windy that day, maybe the quarries are hiding somewhere. Went out of my hide and passed by Pareng Imon who got his first one, noticed that he took off his camo jacket and he's perspiring well, he said there are ants inside his jacket so he took it off. Went to the car and took our packed lunch, saw Jon-jon on my way back under the shade of the bamboo tree(grass). Got the spanish bread Pareng Imon bought on our way and ate some with Jon-jon. Pareng Imon came out of his hide also and joined us. We decided to have lunch and walked to the place where Mang Oca is posted. We found him under an acacia tree, just ate his lunch already so we ate ours, opened the "karninas(canned sardines)" but I remember, Mang Oca gave us some "adobo" in the morning when we went out. It was with Pareng Imon. I took out the "sinangag" and divide it with Pareng Imon. Jon-jon pulled out his packed lunch also. What a lunch, the canned sardines, was not touched,ha-ha-ha.... only the "adobong bato-bato" was consumed...

I remember to take some pictures as a souvenir, and here they are below,

Pareng Imon, Mang Oca and Jon-jon holding my JBC Bolt, his Filarms is resting by the acacia tree..

Another shot,

Before lunch, Mang Oca got 3, I got 2, Jon-jon got 2 and Pareng Imon 1, not a good day to hike, after some chat of maybe transfering to another site, we decided just to stay and wait, maybe they will land soon, or maybe tomorrow in another site in "Along-along"...noticed that its very windy, maybe the quarries are hiding somewhere.

We returned to our posts but just after a few minutes of waiting, a pair of "korokotoks" landed in front of me, got one, the other one flew away. Then again a pair landed near the same place, I got 1 again. These are both in the midlle just around 15 yards away...

After a few minutes another one landed on my left around 20 yards and I missed...what a day!! Just across the water 4 korokotoks landed again, sighted one, too excited which one to shoot, I missed again..ha-ha-ha...firstimers....after lunch up to around 1:30pm I got 3 and nothing landed again...

Waiting....waiting...took some pictures, nothing to do, I remember Mang Oca told that he also sleep inside the hide when there's nothing landing, so I decided to lay down but I can't fit the hide, I cut some "talahib" stalks with my hunting knife and tied them to make the blinds bigger. I was able to lay down later and rest for a while.

Some pictures, nothing to do....

As I lay there trying to nap, heard some shots from Pareng Imon's place(learned later that Jon-jon transferred there and Pareng Imon to our backs somewhere), then some more shots from Mang Oca's place and from far back, have to come up, wake-up and take a look, nothing in my watch...waiting....waiting....saw Mang Oca coming to my place, gave him some spanish bread, the senior Oscar Lopez is complaining his scope is not zeroed...after a few chats, he went back to his post....another "bato-bato" landed in front of me, took aa shot and missed again...ha-ha-ha...what a day, the poor "bato-bato" landed back again on my left, this time I took it from around 20 yards....he-he-he...20 yards....

Decided to take a hike to the mango tree area, far from our posts, I remember Jon-jon mentioned that they used to go there...walking...hiking....reached a closed fence....its very hot....and the mango trees are far away..I made one more look at the trees, nothing moving, nothing flying....I decided to return to my "kura-kura"..saw Pareng Imon sitting at the neighbor's bahay kubo...waved him and I returned to my blinds....

Its around 3:30 pm already, nothing to do, decided to remove the feathers of my catch, anyway they're just 4 of they, I left the 2 inside the car's trunk in the morning....I remember when we went to Karaome in Norzagaray, the quarries landed at some minutes past 4pm so I decided to stay and wait some more....tic-tac....tic-tac....waiting...nothing landed anymore till its around 5 pm.....

I decided to call it a day, went out of the blinds...saw Jon-jone's came out also....called his "Daddy" Mang Oscar Sr..but he's not there, told him its ok, let him enjoy...went to the car and saw Pareng Imon came in also..we ate some of the left over spanish bread and almost forgot the small hopia in my pocket..he-he...saw the bag of Mang Oca behind the car....later on he came out from near the Buliran river...he decided to shoot some fish....from the nearby river...mentioned that the "tilapia" was able to unhook as he hit the belly...offered him some hopia and the "suman" my mother asked to bring along...he shouted for Jon-jon and of we went home...some goodbyes'...thank you and we're tired at home, I still have to clean the catch..a baskal and 7 korokotoks, plus the catch of Pareng Imon...2 or 3 yata......

Tired at home.. I took a bath..texted some friends, downloaded the pictures, what a day! A very enjoyable and another memorable day to remember....Thanks Jon-jon and Mang Oca and Pareng Imon also....

Monday, March 23, 2009

My Armscor PCP

     It has been said that no two airguns are made the same no matter how similar or precise they are made together. I am making this review of "my" Armscor PCP airgun which is of course different from any Armscor PCP airgun no matter how they are made...
Short History
     I bought my Armscor PCP during its first launch in July 2008 at a Gunshow at SM Mega Mall. It was supposed to be bundled with a Hill pump but I already have a JBC pump which can fill it so I did not buy the Hill pump anymore. The buying process was somewhat rush, I called Joel Gatchalian on the Saturday night of the Gunshow and I told him I'll get the airgun the next day and asked him to reserve serial no. 7 for me.
     I rushed there the next day, Sunday night, filled up the forms, paid the cashier and took home my Armscor PCP airgun without air in it.  That night, I had to pump it to around 1000 psi to test if there's no leak, unfortunately, there is a leak at the offset, so I remove the tank, checked the o-ring, removed it and "wet" it with a little silicon grease I use with my JBC airguns. It usually work and it did also with my new Armscor PCP airgun. I continued to pump it to 3000 psi and the pressure stayed there.
My 2 cents to share....

     My stock Armscor PCP airgun is very finely crafted, the fit is so well aligned, you cannot see tool marks on it. The steel finish has  a "real gun like look" and has a bluish dark finish. The woodwork is exquisite including its checking which is finely made. I cannot complain a thing on its finish. The aluminum receiver is hard anodized and is also made with good quality. The gauge installed in it is a Miniature Pressure gauge brand made in UK(I learned later that it was supplied by a friend of mine(FK from Batangas) to Armscor to initially be installed in their first batch of 10 PCP airguns as their order has not arrived yet.)
    The barrel is made of steel, not brass with steel sleeve unlike most other local PCP airguns. It is around 20" long and it has approx. 16mm outside diameter. It has a treaded muzzle to fit a silencer or a muzzle break but it did not come with a silencer as its illegal to install one. According to Joel Gatchalian, its designer, it has an 11 degree muzzle crown. The pellet breech can fit an unresized Hystan Superzero pellet.(Mang Gilbert noticed later that the pellet breech has a "sabit" when you push a pellet through it, so I had it re-breeched at the JBC shop. My barrel was reduced by around 1/4" due to the re-breeching process but its now accepting pellets without any sabit in it. I told Joel about this and he said it was breeched like the way the JBC shop do it but anyway, its working fine with me.)

     I tested it the next day on my Alpha Shooting Chrony and it registered only around 780 fps to 870 fps with so many shots. I tried to increase its velocity by increasing the hammer spring pre-load and it gave me around 830-850 fps average but the hammer is hitting the  valve stem very hard already... I reduced the pre-load and told Joel about it and a hammer mod was made to make my hammer a little bit heavier to make it easier to tune. With the heavier hammer, I can easily attain 850 fps and even more than 900 fps if I wanted to. I balanced its springs(valve and hammer springs) to make my extreme spread closer and it worked. Out of the box, its extreme spread is around 90 fps, now its only around 45 fps if I remember it right.
    I had to replace the hammer spring with a lighter spring and I reduced the length of the valve stem to make the hammer hit it a 90 degrees, not at an angle at originally made.
   I am enjoying it right now, my only complaint is that its too heavy for a hunting rifle, the tank is too thick and maybe the safety factor used is very high as its intended for foreign market also. I wanted to modify it to fit T6 alum tank but I cannot do it as Armscor will not do it for me. I am planning to install a medium tank in it later and have the offset constructed like my JBC offset to make my tanks interchangeable(JBC and Armscor). I still need to convince Mang Jun of JBC to do it for me..he-he...
On the right is a 91-yard 5-shot group using my Armscor PCP and resized, sorted and weighed  Hystan Superzero pellets. There's a slight wind coming from the right when I shot these at around 870-890 fps..